How will a new World Order Change the Face of Entire World

The world order has been changing since times immemorial, due to technological advancements as well as political unrests over the years. Some say that people are becoming better than ever before; others consider themselves superior, while others do not believe this is true. No matter which side you prefer, there is no doubt that we want change, but will always resist it. It is why some call these days the New World Order.

How do you see the global governance shaping in the current world order?

The beginning of the 20th century started with two factors, one being the start of World War II, and another is the establishment of the United States with its military powers and economic power. The former caused a lot of havoc around Europe and other nations, the latter brought the economy back into balance, and gave us more technology, and resources for ourselves as well as our allies and enemies.

Since WWII, we had been preparing for this war with nuclear weaponry, many countries were building weapons, and even after WWI, people were worried about their own security and safety in a time when terrorism and violence were getting out of control. This all lead us to establishing the United Nations as the International Court of Justice.


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In 1971, the founding of the UN was established and was given authority by the UN Charter to be able to solve international disputes, which were not resolved by the state. However, there were several reasons why the UN was created. Firstly, the reason is that it’s the best way to prevent conflict between nations and people, such as war.

But also because they could prevent the spread of any type of destructive nuclear weapon. Secondly they were able to set peace agreements with various nation and then allow them to choose who to make treaties under. Lastly, the UN was also supposed to “create a peaceful co-existence among all nations and peoples.”

The biggest thing that most people are scared of is the threat from communist, socialist, and other totalitarian nations. Although, although there are still many people that want communism, socialism and different types of government,

I personally think that communism shouldn’t be the only form of government. As a society (or country as a human) the majority of people care very much about how to live a comfortable life. But we, as humans, have flaws and flaws are often just that, flaws and flaws are just bad in a positive way. There should be a free market for everything, however, it cannot be perfect.


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People like freedom, but at times it can get too much. And so people need protection and security from things like crime and criminal activity. world order Also, just having a better government in place is almost enough to keep us safe from a lot of things that could happen. We still need a strong police force as well as law enforcement if we are going to be prosperous.

So we are left with nothing else but a good defense system. Even though, a few argue that a better defense would be too much, I think it’s just right between having too little and too much, and I think everyone would agree on that line.

Plus, we also have a pretty strong military system that gives me hope that we can defend against anything and any time. Another great example of how amazing it would be to have a world order with this level of strength would be China.


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When I first heard of this superpower, it caught my attention so much that it made me think I needed to read this book a bit before the book came out. I knew that it wouldn’t last very long, there would be lots of wars, but I never saw this happening before.

Ever since then, the US military is heavily involved in this type of warfare. Most people want to invade China, but also fear the possibility of losing a battle. If they could conquer this powerful land, like most wars, they would conquer China, and possibly rule the world order with themselves for a couple hundred decades at least.

Not only would they take away people’s freedoms and rights, but they would also take away their jobs and the wealth of China would go to the United States or European nations. They would have a larger role in politics, and possibly even take it too far.

But this all could be avoided if China would just accept their fate. That way they wouldn’t attack and then be attacked. Or if they would not let Russia or America take China and rule the whole world order.

Another idea that would change this world would be the development of advanced weapons. Like most experts believe, we are developing nuclear weapons and creating missiles, and this will probably be used on a global scale a lot later on. Many governments want to use the Cold War tactics, so they might attack on something else, and cause chaos.

What would their plan be and what might they accomplish? You know what some people in this case of course would destroy it. Because they are smarter than most and they know exactly what type of weapons they need to use and how. As a result, these systems are now becoming more and more complex, and will in future be far more advanced.


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In terms of weapons advancement, the United States was able to design and produce satellites and satellites, allowing it to send signals and even radio frequencies within the space around. The U.S, as well as various western states have been able to build their own satellite programs, and they were able to reach space and look down on Earth from another planet.

But the most important thing is that all things developed, but nobody has seen what they can do yet. Imagine the advanced communication abilities that we would have in the event of a catastrophe such as a hurricane or a firestorm that would allow us to stay connected and informed.

Now imagine a scenario of global communication throughout the whole planet; we would be able to communicate with each other without necessarily having to leave home.

The last part of the new world order would be financial stability, especially with those countries which were struggling economically. How could these poor people survive? For example, Japan and South Korea both depended on foreign investors. One major issue of South Korea was that in 1991, its economy fell apart.

Because of this situation, there were two loans put on their president, one for 10 trillion dollars, and the second for 50 trillion dollars. Which was basically giving loans to the public, to help improve the country. To pay for all these loans, South Korea had to borrow money from banks, and they had to sell bonds so that if the bank was not there, they would not have any debt.

In addition, South Korean corporations were forced to repay the loans with interest, making the people that needed the funds unable to repay the loan back because they didn’t have money to pay the interest on it. This is where the trouble starts because these people can’t afford these loans. South Korea is at the top of the list of rich nations.

These are known for their amazing amount of wealth, they have a nice health care system and many more things, but the downfall of their economy has shown how difficult it is to become successful. With the ability to repay their debts, they can live peacefully and happily, not like these people who are poor and starving.


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In conclusion, some people are selfish and self indulgent; while others are very social and concerned about the welfare of those around them. The new world order would be the complete opposite of both.

Countries could have unlimited amounts of money because they could trade with each other and give their citizens everything they needed. They wouldn’t need to worry about paying taxes, they wouldn’t have to worry about paying war expenses. All the basic needs that humans should have, would become available.

While the poorer countries would have access to banking facilities and other forms of financial services, they also wouldn’t have the same problems because the people who have a lot of money wouldn’t be needing them. It’s funny, I think we are a pretty small world order and in the future we will have these advanced technologies and communication that is far enough away to think about the possibilities of it all. It seems so futuristic, what kind of science fiction would actually be believable, isn’t it?

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