What are the Advantages of Mobile Learning?

Are you a teacher or a student looking for an affordable online course to gain extra knowledge of a particular topic? In this article we can talk about the significance of Mobile Learning as well as its uses and abuses in our classrooms. In the event that you have any questions or questions kindly remark underneath!

What is Mobile Learning?

Mobile Learning is what we are now teaching via smartphones and other devices that connect us through internet-connected applications. It allows us to interact with these apps for both class work as well as research. The major advantage is that students are able to get more information faster. And when they have been asked certain questions, these apps answer them. These apps are very popular because it makes things simpler, allowing teachers to go further than their classes. However, on many occasions these are addictive and people tend to forget that they are doing so. Students who do not use the apps will have lost out on essential work.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning can be used for all subjects and can help in getting better grades. Even if you are just taking up business, this method will definitely make your CV look good. Here’s how.

In the past there were few tools available to aid the teaching process – but they were expensive and difficult to use in comparison to today’s technology. But the advent of such platforms has changed everything and made things much easier. Now you will not need an expensive equipment if you want to utilize these tools. You don’t need to worry about whether the software is free and whether it is safe. You only need a compatible smart phone or computer. Or even if you are using a laptop/table of, you only need to download a browser app which will allow you access mobile content from anywhere. Your job is very simple; just type an address in the search bar and browse for whatever you are interested to know, or find a course according to your requirements.


Mobile Learning

Types of Mobile Learning

When it comes to choosing a course, most people think of MOOC (massive open online courses) courses. Though these are quite famous for being easy to start, they still have some disadvantages. With such courses, you are expected to give 100% at the end of each course and hence this might not be something suitable for everyone. Also, not everyone can afford to buy one. Other advantages like unlimited time, no enrollment fees, and online resources are yet to come. And that’s why many people prefer these courses.


Mobile Learning

But, then again, MOOCs are quite useful when it comes to gaining knowledge. They are perfect for acquiring knowledge of a specific topic which is not taught in schools, college or university. This kind of learning is known as “learning by osmosis,” i.e., learning through trial and error. Moreover, one doesn’t need to attend class to learn. So, if you are looking for an alternative, take the steps mentioned above in order to gain knowledge. Some options include Youtube lectures, podcasts, etc.

What is the Significance of Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning is more significant for teachers than students. For example, when you decide to take up a course online you will miss out on a vital component – you can get access to all of the material. Therefore, the biggest advantage is that you get quality content. Most importantly, you gain valuable knowledge for yourself. Not only is it helpful to your career but also to study your subject in depth as there are a number of interesting materials you will have an access to.


Mobile Learning

However, for students this might not be as effective. As they will be unable to attend classes which will affect their studies badly. When it comes to digital resources of different kinds, it might be hard and dangerous to acquire any information. Also, as you would face problems even trying to carry on with your education because the resources will not allow you to do so. Furthermore, you might get stuck in nowhere while navigating around without someone to guide you. All these negative impacts would lead to poor grades.

What Are the Uses of Mobile Learning in Our Classrooms?

The main benefit comes through multimedia Mobile Learning and social media. We already discussed how to reach out to others and make friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. And if you have access to mobile phones, you can download every possible application to enhance your experience. No matter, where you are and what classes you plan to take, you can check them out.


Mobile Learning

This will create a new dimension to your classroom that gives you lots of flexibility and choices. You can choose in which classes you would like to attend as well as your preferred mode of entertainment. Of course, you can keep your personal preferences and habits separate so that the lessons can feel more personalized and you wouldn’t be afraid to ask for revisions, suggestions and corrections. Also, you can always contact teachers whenever you have any doubt or query.


Mobile Learning

The last advantage of having a mobile-based curriculum lies in the fact that there is a quick response option. Any time you have any issue you have to fill the forms with your queries, any time you want to attend a class you can contact teachers and professors. As soon as there is a problem, all the necessary steps are taken to fix it. It offers a fast system for handling anything as these courses are made according to the latest trends. The best part is the instant fix.

Here are some other benefits:


Mobile Learning

Costs: you don’t need an investment to get started.
More convenient: you don’t have to travel long distances.
Accessibility: you can attend classes from anywhere.
Privacy: you don’t need to share any personal details.
Less stress: you can focus on the main goal – studying your chosen field.
The Bottom Line:


Mobile Learning

So, mobile learning is the future. We hope you have gained some insights into why it is worth investing in it. Next, let us discuss some facts about mobile learning.

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