Top 10 Benefits of Eating Apple Good for Health

Top 10 Benefits of Eating Apple Good for Health

The apple is a healthy, natural fruit rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. It provides us with significant health benefits. Apple for health an excellent source of antioxidants and fiber. The nutrients and various sugars in apples help our body maintain good blood sugar levels, prevent diseases, keep heart healthy, cure constipation and other ailments. Here is the list of top 10 benefits of eating apple that make you wonder about its consumption.

1) Apple Good for health And Prevent Cancer:


Apple Good For Health

Apple good for health and powerful anti-cancer properties which protect the body from cancer cells. These fruits contain pectin or soluble pectin, a type of resistant starch, which has been shown to neutralize carcinogens.

Research suggests that the polyphenols present in apples may play an important role in fighting cancers. Studies have found that eating apples helped reduce risk of certain types of lung cancer and bladder cancer. A study published in 2010 in the journal Cancer Research shows that people who regularly eat two cups of apples twice a week have lower chances of getting prostate cancer later on when compared with those who do not have regular apples intake.

2) Apple Good for Health And Reduce Inflammation:


Apple Good For Health

Apple good for health and  help to manage blood pressure by reducing inflammation. This helps to keep your arteries flexible. There is a link between inflammation and high blood pressure. Excessive inflammation can lower blood pressure levels. People often ignore this link and increase their intake of processed foods. But when they start drinking lots of water, the food will no longer be in your system as it will help to clean out your digestion and the inflamed vessels.

Drinking plenty of water also reduces stress and keeps you calm. By adding whole apple to your diet can significantly improve your overall health. You can consume apple as salad, sandwich or even fresh juice at home. Although many people like to add honey and lemon to it for flavor, we recommend having some plain apples instead of any sweeteners.

3)Apple Good for Health And Good for Heart:


Apple Good For Health

An apple good for health and  helps to control cholesterol (LDL/HDL), blood pressure and high blood glucose levels. According to statistics, men need about 7 and 8 gms of fat per day, women 3-4 and 4-6 gms of fat. To lose weight, all people should try to have 2 to 4 servings of fruits daily. One serving of fruits has 4 grams of carbohydrates, 24 calories, 6.4 grams of fiber, and 0.2 gram protein. If you want to know more details read “How Much Fiber Should I Eat Per Day?”

4) Prevention of Diabetes:


Apple Good For Health

Diabetes occurs due to lack of insulin or insensitivity to insulin in blood. Low blood sugar prevents the muscles from working properly. Lack of insulin causes glucose to accumulate. Glucose is converted into glycogen, stored in liver and muscles. However, when there is any sort of diabetes, blood sugar gets elevated, causing irregular heartbeat, hunger and fatigue. So here comes apple! An apple contains beta-carotene and beta-carotene act as a form of vitamin A – one of the most important components of your diet.

They can fight free radicals that cause oxidation and contribute to cell damage. Antioxidants in apples help to control free radical damages and also prevent chronic inflammation. In addition, apple is able to reduce triglycerides in liver without changing blood lipids levels. Therefore, apple can play an important role in helping you to live a healthier life.

5) Weight Loss:


Apple Good For Health

Apple good for health have a low calorie value. Every apple provides around 90 calories which means you can maintain your weight at a comfortable level. The recommended amount of apples is five medium size apples. Consume three-four apples daily. Apples contain fiber which helps in preventing bowel movement. Foods loaded with dietary fibers may help you feel full for longer before needing another snack. Some studies suggest that daily intake of apple may help you burn extra calories.

Another reason why you should follow apple are its ability to curb appetite and regulate appetite. As mentioned above, apples contain large amounts of fiber. When the body does not have fiber, it cannot function well. It results in slow digestion which means the stomach takes long time to digest the food. And if you follow these methods regularly, you will see visible changes in your body. So give it a shot and check whether you are experiencing noticeable change in your body after consuming whole apple.

6) Maintain Good Gut Health:


Apple Good For Health

Gut health is very sensitive to several factors. Your digestive tract needs both healthy bacteria and good gut bacteria. The bacteria inside your intestines help to feed your friendly gut bacteria. However, excess of bad bacteria like E. coli can clog the gut.

While keeping your gut healthy, avoid eating greasy, fried food, and spicy foods. Instead, keep apples on your menu and drink enough amount of water. Make sure that you have enough exercise routine, maintain a healthy weight, avoid using antibiotics, and consult a doctor if you are suffering from any issues related to digestive tract. Also, you can take probiotic supplement.

7) Lowers Cholesterol Levels:


Apple Good For Health

Apples are easily digested, making them helpful to lower cholesterol levels. Several studies show that one cup of fruit serves as a great way to stay away from obesity. On average, a single apple has only 45 calories but contains almost half a kilo of potassium. Potassium helps your heart work better and gives you smoother movements.

Besides this, studies have shown that apple increases the flow of bile in the intestine. Bile is a special kind of lipid in your intestine which plays an important role in digestion and controlling cholesterol levels. Along with bile, apple also improves digestion by improving the absorption of vitamin C, B6 and other nutrients. High doses of vitamin C have shown positive effects on cholesterol levels and may promote effective treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Many experts suggest taking supplements containing citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit and lemons which also have high content of citric acid. Citrus is one of the best sources to deal with hypertension and stroke conditions. Citrus are low in calories, high in fiber and contain essential nutrients. Hence, you have to consume apple daily to remain healthy.

8) Supports Sperm Production:


Apple Good For Health

Apples contain high concentrations of quercetin and anthocyanins. Both of these compounds enhance egg quality. Eggs are very crucial for maintaining fertility and reducing the risk of infertility. Keeping eggs healthy and increasing production of eggs are the solutions to reduce infertility. Quercetin also helps to improve antioxidant protection against environmental threats.

So, it is advisable to include apple in your life. With various health benefits, including prevention of asthma, high blood pressure and reduced risk of urinary infections, it is easy to understand the importance of eating apple and its amazing health benefits. Thus, apples can serve as an excellent solution to reduce infertility problems.

9) Stays Away From Bad Breath:


Apple Good For Health

Apples contain enzymes that break down tartar. Tartar is a chemical substance produced by yeast. Tartar is responsible for staining, sourness, mouth odor and so many other unpleasant smelling effects of apples. Moreover, the presence of fermentable sugars in apples makes the skin, flesh and even seeds smell foul and rotten. To prevent such undesirable odors that apples are known for, you can use baking soda and garlic powder on your teeth to help them turn to white or black.

After a while, wait till they are completely dry and soak apples in warm water or tea. Now wait a few minutes and rinse thoroughly. Use baking soda and cloves to remove tartar. You can do this every time you eat apples until it becomes habitual. Alternatively, you can purchase organic apples as they usually come with extra protective coverings added. Or you can prefer buying pre-baked apple slices and store them in sealed plastic bags in the fridge.

This makes them easier to keep cold. Finally wrap them tightly and store them in a cool place. Once they become firm enough, they can be eaten raw or cooked. Just make sure not to overcook apple as it can make your teeth taste bitter and leave marks.

10) Protects Vision:


Apple Good For Health

Apple good for health very beneficial properties that help protect our eyes. Vitamin C and retinol present in apples fight oxidative damage present in our eyes. Also, they help to strengthen eye muscles and reduce strain. You can consume apple for breakfast, after lunch, tea or coffee to get health benefits.

Not just apples, apples contain the same compounds found in grapes, berries and melons. Since it is mostly packed and stored in its own skins, apples can serve as a wonderful alternative source of antioxidants for our eyes. The antioxidants contained in apples help to protect our vision and prevent cataracts as well.

Though apples have only moderate antioxidant effects, the carotenoid compound lutein and zeaxanthin present in apples act synergistically and synergistically to protect our vision. Besides, the high concentration of beta-carotene present in apples also works magic to help us fight macular degeneration and cataracts. Therefore, it is always better to opt for unsweetened apples as they provide maximum nutrients.

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